03 Dec

I thank LEGO® for the 4+ app

LEGO® App4+My son loves Lego. I love Lego. I like having a little boy as an excuse to play with Lego. Then they released an app aimed at 4-7 year olds (Android and iOS) and I let the little one loose on my phone, sticky mitts and all.

It has two games in the app. The first is a build-a-car scenario that lets you select from various lego parts, and you can unlock more of these for free. Then you press a button to drive your vehicle and collect lego studs. My son cheers and claps when he gets to the end and triggers the celebration.

The second game is puzzle building, consisting of click and drag action. There are lots to chose from, and this would keep my son amused for a very long time if I were to let him have my phone for that long.

It’s design is great, the Lego branding is superb as always, and the gameplay is fantastic for toddler/pre-school children. My son is two, and he loves it, although he needs a little help from time to time. It’s a brilliant way to keep him amused while I do the washing up.

LEGO® App4+

I’d rather be playing this app myself though.

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