09 Jan

Eyes On The Road: A drive safe app

Samsung in Singapore have developed a new app to stop dangerous distracting calls and texts when driving. The app, which is activated when the user travels at over 20kmph, also silences notifications from social media apps.

The app is also programmed to send an automated reply to texts, letting them know you are driving.

For added awareness alone, this app receives a thumbs up from me.  But would it mean I can’t use my phone on the train though? That’s one boring commute…

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02 Jan

Fitbit app review, connected to the Flex tracker

Fitbit Flex

I treated myself to a Fitbit Flex when it featured on a Boxing Day Lightning Deal on Amazon. I purchased my new toy for £55.99, RRP £79.99. I’ve been interested in this for a long time, but only now have taken the plunge.

The Fitbix Flex is a tracker that records the number of steps taken, distance travelled, and minutes of light, medium and heavy activity. It also has a ‘sleep mode’ that monitors the time you spend in bed, the length of time it takes to get to sleep and the amount of times you wake during the night.

It’s better than I thought it would be, and the sleep monitor is really interesting. It’s great for setting goals, and monitoring your progress. I’ve been using it for just over a week now and I must say it’s quite addictive, checking your steps on the dashboard and trying to hit target of 10,000.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 21.44.16

I downloaded the app to go along with it, but only realised later that my phone doesn’t automatically update with the tracker. I’ll need to upgrade to a newer model for that. If my phone had the capability of syncing with my Flex then I think I would use the app more. As it is, I just use it sporadically to update my food log, as and when I remember to do so.

Still, it is all very well designed, easy to use and looks pretty awesome. It’s been a week now, and I still smile to myself when I tap the tracker on my wrist and it flashes lights at me like something out of a sci-fi movie.

I recommend this to all fitness enthusiasts, or anyone like me who is just interested in this kind of thing. It’s pretty cool, comfortable to wear, and waterproof too – although I haven’t tested this. Make sure your phone is compatible first though, check out the complete list of devices here.

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