10 Feb

Creative Design Lab: Mobile app week 1

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 19.07.11Learning techniques to work creatively is invaluable in the design industry. As an introduction to working in this way, I took  two main points moving forward; to aim to think in an imaginative and innovative way, and to be unafraid of failure.

Phase 1: Promoting Individuality

The first experiment involved my subject describing herself to me, beginning with a few trigger questions, such as “what do you do for fun?”. It is interesting to hear how a person thinks of themselves, and prioritises parts of their lives. Notes from this conversation highlighted that sleep was a big deal.

Scan 17 Feb 2014 20_57

I then went on to Phase 2: Communicate Information were I used this information to make apps specifically for her. I firstly focussed on sleep, with a fantasy app that you could plug into your body to recharge yourself as if you were a robot or machine that had batteries. As the creativity flowed, I also noted that it would suit her very well to have an app that could pause time. Then I decided to link in sleep with her long-distance relationship, to create an app that could send her an alarm when her partner woke up in the morning so they could arrange to speak.

The next app idea was a potato recipe app, because her favourite food is potatoes. It could also show arts and crafts ideas and songs – anything fun to do with potatoes in one app.

Another thing she likes is puns – a pun generator was my next idea – something to make her smile on the bus to town.

I also came up with a dictaphone app to aide creative writing and an app that plays a collection of calming sounds like sea and white noise. My initial icon design ideas are below, followed by a representation in Photoshop of my ideas. I used an app icon template available for download and use.

Ci138 app ideas

app representation


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