03 Mar

Creative Design Lab: Mobile app week 4

This week, we all took the basic storyboard from last week’s Creative Design Lab, and added extra elements, and designed different ways. We all sketched out different ideas and built off each other’s work.

My version is below, followed by Amber James’ version, which has an added social element that allows the user the option of making a profile before beginning the game.

Scan.1Work by Amber James

We then began to get to grips with the process that the user would have to go through to work their way through the game. The following chart shows the sequence of events that would happen, and the basic level of interaction between the user and the app.

Scan.2As another way of envisaging the way our app would work and interact with the user, we acted the process out in front of others who had no previous knowledge of our app. This was useful to find out what the target demographic, in our case children, would gain from using the app. Our answer was primarily entertainment and education.

There was an issue highlighted though. There wasn’t an obvious reason for the child to continue the ‘sorting’ element of the game as there was no indication of how many they had done and how many were left to do.

I resolved this by adding a counter, as a method of informing the user where they were in the game. I found this a useful task, and one that helped my creative process.

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