10 Mar

Creative Design Lab: Mobile app week 5

Over the last week, I’ve created a representation of my app in Photoshop. It includes a logo and icon for show on the home screen, as well as sample in-app screenshots. The icon was created used this template from pixelresort.com and the iPhone templates are freely available here.



We each came up with a version, developed from the same storyboard and the same ideas. It was very interesting to see our creative differences in the graphics alone.

I used a lot of colour in mine, combined with simple shapes so as not to let it look cluttered and thus confusing the audience of children. I used a lot of circles and rounded shapes to give it an inviting and friendly appearance. I stuck to design rules like alignment and used fading of background elements to keep focus on the task at hand. I also tried to keep text to a minimum, given that our target demographic is children.

The following is a version by Amber James.



The following was created by Raghad Badahdah.


The following was created by Elise Harbord.


I also created a flow chart to demonstrate the order of interaction within the app, as shown below. This was very useful as it highlighted to me that I needed to add a reset button on the screen where the user adds a face to the food, in case they don’t wish to save what they have created. Next time, I’ll make sure I do this exercise before creating the mockup, so I’ll know how many elements to include in the designs.


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