19 May

Creative Design Lab: Evaluation

The techniques I have learnt over the course of this Creative Design Lab have been, and will continue to be, very beneficial to me throughout my career as a designer. The methods I’ve used, from simple mind maps, lists and group ideas generation, to the six hats method, 9×9 grids and more.

Whenever I start a new project, I can use these techniques to generate the best ideas/solutions possible, test and evaluate them properly, and view projects as the continual reflection and redesign process that they are.

I feel that the last project was definitely my strongest from a creative standpoint. My processes developed well over the course of the last few months, and the creative thinking became far more natural by the end. When I look back on these blog posts, I am both proud of what I’ve achieved and critical of some of the decisions I have made, which I can learn from in the future.



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