10 Dec

Web Dev: Card sorting & IA

I used card sorting techniques to help with the information architecture for the new website.

Writing down each section and element that needs to be required in the project, and then sorting them will really help with organising navigation and arranging the elements priority within the page and the website itself. The following image shows the card sorting I completed myself.

Card Sorting Pic

I then used Optimal Sort to allow others to arrange the cards how they see fit. This will give me a different perspective on the matter, and see how other people naturally categorise elements. The following is an image of my online card arrangement.

Optimal sort

I created the following MindMap from all the information I’ve gathered over the last few months, which includes a brief design of the navigation and labels.

BOSH Run Home

I then finished my Site Map, which is a more organised version of the MindMap above. It shows the way I intend to organise the new website (download to view).


Click on the image to download and zoom in.


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04 Dec

Web Dev: Functional & Content Requirements

Now I’ve identified the requirements of the client, and completed a substantial amount of user research, I need to scope functional and content requirements.

Functional Requirements

  • “HOW should the website meet client’s objectives and user’s needs?”
  • “WHAT do users need to DO on the site?”

I’m going to be using the MoSCoW method, which stands for Must, Should, Could and Won’t.


  • Have an in-site search engine
  • Allow members to register/login
  • Allow members to contribute to a forum
  • Allow specified “expert” members to contribute to the blog
  • Link to existing social networking sites
  • Have a suitable payment process (PayPal)


  • Error checking on the register/login form


  • Allow members to get an email notification when their comment/post receives a reply
  • Integrate Facebook comments
  • Have a function where members can enter their details into a league table


  • Integrate with tracking software such as Garmin, but this is a possibility for the future.

Content Requirements

Fortunately with this project, the majority of content needed is already available (see Content Inventory). There is a vast amount of imagery and text on both the existing BOSH Run website, and on their Facebook page. The logo is already existing, along with a strong brand. There is plenty to chose from, so the biggest task will be selecting those to use.

Therefore, I will only need to create the following; copy (instructions) for the register page, and rules of the forum, along with general text and locating the right imagery needed.

Plenty of existing content

Existing content on BOSH’s Facebook group.


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