20 Oct

User Research: Survey

A classic technique for gathering data is the simple survey. I used SurveyMonkey to create a simple set of questions focussed on asking what the user wants from an online allotment planner. Finding the features that will be most helpful to the end user is vital, so that time is not wasted developing useless functions.

Survey can be accessed here.

Results will be posted soon.



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13 Oct

BOSH website feedback

BOSHrun updated website

BOSHrun.com has been up and running for 4 weeks now. The initial launch was successful, with only minor issues from a handful of users. This included routine things like lost passwords and activation emails going into junk folders.

The biggest problem since launch has been spam users registering on the site, once of which direct messaged a few users. This is obviously a very serious issue, and can cause huge annoyance for members. If the issue isn’t resolved quickly, it could cause members to stop using the site. I installed extra catches on the registration page, added report a user buttons and increased the spam security on the site. Since doing this, there hasn’t been a single reported problem.

I have also received a lot of positive feedback for the site:


website feedback 01

website feedback 02

website feedback 03

I set up a forum topic on the site where members can give their feedback and ask for help if necessary. It can be viewed here.

Another notable element of the site is the design of the new shop. The minimalist design really shows of the products, and I’m very happy with the increased functionality of the shop (including adding in dropdown lists to select size and fit).

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 09.57.26


I’m very happy with the outcome of this project, and am interested to see how the site evolves with the increase of users and content being produced.

As of today, there are 197 registered users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 21.39.43

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05 Oct


“I intend to create a website that allows users to plan their allotment gardens without the need for pen and paper and is easily edited. Users should be able to save their gardens and return to make changes at a later stage. This idea came about as I tried to plan my new allotment on paper, and found that decisions about where I had placed structures and beds were difficult to amend. It occurred to me that a drop and drag process online would be far more efficient.

I will know if the project has been successful if a user can plan an allotment garden using the website with minimal support and have a document that they can print and take to their plot.

The design process will include extensive user research set out in my project plan, and the end product will be coded using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I will also use PHP to connect the website to a database, however my main focus will be on functionality, usability and visual design.

I hope to practice research and design skills gained in [module], but the emphasis will be on improving my coding ability beyond the basics taught in modules [module], [module], and [module].”

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