18 May

Adobe Kuler app – essential!

I am going to start by saying this app is absolutely fantastic.

Also as a website, which most designers will be familiar with, this free app is an essential for experimenting with and choosing colour schemes. It selects colours from a photo you can either take or upload, and allows you to save these themes and share them (after signing in with your Adobe ID).










I really find this a useful tool when designing, or simply to play around with for fun! It is interesting to see the colours translating directly from a photograph. I also like how you can search for photographs from Google or Flickr inside the app.

Have a go… only on iOS currently. Unfortunately Android users will have to wait. Or try something like the SwatchMatic app, and let me know how you find it.

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09 Jan

Eyes On The Road: A drive safe app

Samsung in Singapore have developed a new app to stop dangerous distracting calls and texts when driving. The app, which is activated when the user travels at over 20kmph, also silences notifications from social media apps.

The app is also programmed to send an automated reply to texts, letting them know you are driving.

For added awareness alone, this app receives a thumbs up from me.  But would it mean I can’t use my phone on the train though? That’s one boring commute…

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