14 Feb

She spent all day writing this blog post, what she wrote will surprise you…

But probably not that much. It’s always a let down, when you click on links posted on Facebook designed specifically to get you onto their site. Otherwise known as clickbait.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.23.45

There is still a lot of debate as to the exact definition of clickbait. Some people define it as anything that is designed to get you to click. Others will call any article they don’t like or disagree with clickbait. It is definitely up there as one of the most annoying day to day elements of the internet and social media. If they really had something interesting to say, they would put it in the title. The problem with this tactic is, yes you will get views, but you won’t get shares unless you have something worth sharing. You’ll also manage to annoy people in the process.

I think the worst kind are those that mislead. Closely followed by those that don’t really say anything and end in an ellipsis. Often coupled with a picture of someone doing something, but you can’t quite see what. Clever.

I have had to train my curiosity to combat this. And if nobody clicked on this type of headline, wouldn’t we see less and less of it?

Please, if you see a headline such as “She spent all day writing this blog post, what she wrote will surprise you…” don’t click on it!

Lesson learnt.

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