23 Nov

Web Dev: Cultural Probe Results

I collected lots of data from my cultural probe, including information about how the user was feeling about the running activity, which is very difficult to collect any other way.
I also got information from the FitBit that I included in the probe. It is interesting to see patterns in the data. Runners tend to be very habitual, and it will really help if I keep this in mind when designing the website.

I also was very lucky to receive some great photos captured by the person completing my cultural probe. They really give an insight into some of the amazing benefits to running, and why he enjoys it.


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16 Nov

Web Dev: Probing Part 2

The following shows some items from my cultural probe, that I created based on the ideas I came up with listed in my last post. I decided to include my FitBit that I had purchased previously, simply because it can collect information that would be very difficult for the person completely the probe to collect themselves. Data such as step count, distance travelled and minutes of activity are collected just by wearing this device, and I’ve included short and simple instructions in the kit.

Fitbit Flex

The rest of the probe focuses on inspiration/motivation for running and the runners feelings associated with running. These particular things are very difficult to find out from surveys alone, and give the cultural probe technique a specific benefit.

Cultural Probe 3
Cultural Probe 2
Cultural Probe 1
cultural probe pics
When I have collected some data from this, it should aid my user research, and allow me to create a website which is more relevant to current BOSH users and potential members.

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