03 Dec

Your photos on marshmallows: why do I love this?


It shouldn’t be great, but it is. Imagine getting a parcel you haven’t ordered, so you immediately rip it open with a mixture of excitement and confusion. The box reads ‘Boomf, Magical Mallows’ and you are still none the wiser. What is this? Opening the box reveals a set of 9 bite size marshmallows, each printed with a picture of you and your best friend on that amazing holiday you had last summer.

Boomf box

THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT EVER. Except that you have to eat them, or it’d be a waste, right?

I don’t know why I like this idea so much. It’s personal, it’s quirky, and I don’t even know what the point of having photos on marshmallows is but I would be thrilled to get some.

You order from the Boomf site, and choose your photos directly from your Instagram account. It’s a great extension of the Instagram app – a use for the collection of photos that would otherwise just stay on your phone.

So really, download Instagram if you haven’t already, and get snapping.


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