29 Sep

Where interest takes you

A blog that starts, and continues, is only successful when the author has a passion in the subject. I love all things digital media, particularly linked to art and design. I want to immerse myself in this world and share my thoughts and findings with anyone who wants to do the same.

There is so much to be seen and used and enjoyed, not only online but in the world not yet digitalised. This can only help expand our digital world as it begins to encompass everything outside of it’s vast domain.

My journey begins here, creating this blog and making a commitment to update it whenever I find something worthy of sharing.

First up, a website still under construction, but one that really appealed to me. fullfatdesigns.co.uk (Wish I’d thought of that name first, too). Simply animated, and a brilliantly soothing design. Let’s hope the website lives up to this temporary page.

Full Fat Designs Screenshot

Saw it, liked it, remembered it.

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