20 Oct

User Research: Survey

A classic technique for gathering data is the simple survey. I used SurveyMonkey to create a simple set of questions focussed on asking what the user wants from an online allotment planner. Finding the features that will be most helpful to the end user is vital, so that time is not wasted developing useless functions.

Survey can be accessed here.

Results will be posted soon.



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04 Nov

Web Dev: Surveys

The next task was to create a survey to collect information beneficial to the project.

I wanted to find out what would make people join a running club, particularly those that aren’t regular runners already.


After determining what I needed to find out, I put together a simple survey using SurveyMonkey, which can be completed here. The survey (also shown below) is designed to find out how active the person is, what motivates them, and what encourages them to join a running club.


The results will help me better understand my target market. The website design should reflect what the users want, and increase member recruitment and retention.

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