07 Oct

Beautiful, beautiful world

There are some moments, rare though they may be, that provide utter clarity. They often follow many sleepless nights of torment, tossing and turning and trying to distract your brain.

I had such a moment today, in a steady stream of traffic. Not the most obvious setting for inspiration – vehicle after vehicle of impatient commuters desperate to get home doesn’t exactly scream beauty.

It wasn’t the immediate environment that captured my imagination and took my breath away, but the few moments I raised my eyes from the road to the view beyond. I was driving through Sussex, a simply stunning place, if you bother to look. I saw the Sussex Downs in the distance, just minding it’s own business, watching calmly as we ants crawled through it’s turf. I thought, no wonder so many artists find this such a inspiring place. If I thought for one second I could capture the beauty of this place, and of that moment in my head, than I would consider myself an artistic success.

I feel, however, that my attempts would pale in comparison to those of the great artists of our time. One to mention, and I could name hundreds, is Eric Ravilious, a local artist that schooled in Eastbourne. Just take a moment today to view the beauty that I saw on my drive this afternoon, through his artworks.

Chalk Paths 1935 Eric Ravilious

Chalk Paths 1935 Eric Ravilious

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