27 Oct

Chiharu Shiota: Other Side

That moment when you feel something in the atmosphere that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up is beautiful. I felt that today, when I visited the Towner gallery in Eastbourne.

There’s a fantastic installation in their huge exhibition room by the very talented Chiharu Shiota. When you walk in, you feel like you’ve just walked into a horror movie. My toddler son suddenly announced “don’t like it”. I can understand why he felt that way. It was unnerving. You are presented with five mismatched, weathered doors, and a huge web of black yarn. It is woven into such beautiful shapes, that you just can’t help but admire it’s construction. It is thin enough that you can make out people on the other side of the room, distorted by the wool tunnels, but thick enough that your path is clearly mapped out. The dim bulbs hanging within the web reflect the light perfectly, so that the floor is also a mass of web-like shadows. It is eerie and fantastic, scary and wonderful all at the same time.

I would really recommend going to visit this one. It is free to view – so well worth the trip – and on until 5th January 2014.

Chiharu Shiota: Other Side

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